Frequently Asked Questions

about ML Prague

  • What will be the format of ML Prague 2022?

    If the world health situation will allow us to meet in person, ML Prague 2022 will take place on March 18-20, 2022 at a physical venue and the talks will be streamed. The format, and the venue will be announced once we will launch the tickets to participate in ML Prague 2022.

  • Where can I buy my ticket?

    At this moment, the tickets to participate in ML Prague 2022 conference and workshops are not available yet. We will announce it on our website, newsletter and social media channels once they will be available. If you’d like to get notified once our tickets will be available, please go to our Homepage and insert your email address in the form displayed under “Tickets”.

  • How can I be notified when the next tickets are available?

    Visit our Homepage and insert your email address in the form displayed under “Tickets”.

  • Where can I watch the videos from ML Prague 2021?

    At this moment, the videos of ML Prague 2021 are only available for the participants of our last edition. However, they will be available for everybody within the next few months. We will announce it through our website, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) of ML Prague and on our newsletter.

  • What is included in the ticket price?

    Even though our conference and workshop tickets are not launched yet, we always sell our tickets in 3 different types to participate:

    • Conference + workshops (the most popular)
    • Conference only
    • Only workshops

    Note that by choosing any type of ticket that includes “workshops”, you will be able to participate in 2 workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, unless the workshop chosen is running through the entire day.

  • What will happen if lockdown is in effect in February 2022?

    We truly hope the world health situation will have been resolved by then and we will be able to meet in person and just stream the talks. However, based on the success in the organization of the event and reviews on running ML Prague 2021 fully online, if the situation requires, we are confident in running ML Prague 2022 online as well and still keeping its excellence.